You Better Home!

You Better Home!

Organisation: 19 million project (South Africa)

Publication Date: 06/16/2016


YOU BETTER HOME A new extraordinary experience to see if your home will survive the winter! WHY? create consciousness around impact of your choices think little by little start small, start at home to change the world AUDIENCE Tree hugger: people who care about the environment Climate change debunker: people who don't believe doing their little bit has impact PROTOTYPE choose in which kind of location you want to live select your dream home choose between different stuff: material and comfort let's have a look if your home survive to the and of the year GOAL With this game you can see that not every ecological choices are so difficult to be made and that sometimes spend more money early means saving money in the year

Technologies used for this project:

Animation mockup Planned: HTML5, CSS, D3, JS.


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