Republic of Dementia

Republic of Dementia

Organisation: Gazeta de Sud (Romania)

Publication Date: 06/16/2016


They say a country is made out of millions of presidents. Everyone thinks he can do better than the actual president, is judgemental or, the opposite, adores the president, endorses his actions and stands up for what he or she represents. Either way, no one knows what being a president is or how difficult the decision making process is. Beyond the iconic image of the institution president’s decisions affect our lives, ranging from the simple daily bread put on the table to the future of our children. Have you ever wondered what being a president feels like? Now you have got the chance. The game immerses the player into the intricate system of foreign politics, economy, environment or social decision making. Your goal is to win as many election terms as possible, so be careful what decisions you make. You may be tempted to make populist decisions to gain public support, but they can lead your country to disaster. The game is ruled by several metrics such as chance to be reelected, state of the economy, social stability, freedom and rule of law. While making decisions you gain or lose points. If you lead your country to collapse or lose election term you lose the game and you have to start over again. The game feeds you with the consequences of every decision you make based on real newsfacts that pop up as links to news websites that describe the events. Practically, you play the president and learn how history is made at the same time. The target audience is high school and first year university students, but anyone willing to get informed and have fun at the same time can play the game. The game can be implemented online on Gazeta de Sud's and affiliated mass media's sites and social media within 3 months period including the time for developing new versions and research. On mobile phones an application could be developed within 2 months. In the future the players can constantly submit new questions so that the game become more interesting and informative.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS


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