Black Or White

Black Or White

Organisation: IndiaSpend (India)

Publication Date: 03/18/2017


Does impure drinking water bother you? Does living in polluted areas bother you? So should gender inequality. Bias against women is so deeply ingrained in our society, almost as if that is how it was supposed to be. The bias against women reporters/journalists is just worse mostly because where it comes from, most often from an educated and civilized section of the society. They think they are not biased against women but actually are. We let our biases grow upon us as easily as we breathe polluted air. Like we cover our faces and move on till the air is clean enough to breathe again. There is a lot of hype and intellectual talk that happens on gender discrimination and then eventually we forget everything and get back to our routine. Here is an attempt to create an engagement with our reader to help them identify their biases and let them find out where they stand. We can’t change anybody’s perception, only an act of self-realisation would do that. Our goal is to create an awareness. We attempt to do that by conducting a social experiment. Procedure: Creating a pluggin that hides the bylines on our stories (for say every 10th reader). Who will then take a small survey at the end. At the end of this we hope to have created a difference to our reader. While data we collect over a period of time which will help us analyse preconceived notions. Results could support our theory or they may surprise us.

Technologies used for this project:

HTML, CSS, Javascript. In the later stages PHP too, shall be used.


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