Education boosting vaccination drive across the country

Education boosting vaccination drive across the country

Organisation: Pajhwok Afghan News (Afghanistan)

Publication Date: 04/05/2017


Size of team/newsroom:small


Pajhwok Afghan News is Afghanistan's largest independent news agency and provides breaking news and features, especially on development issues through several subscription-based services. Our data sub-site enables us to use data to measure the causes, impact and solutions driving news on elections, security, health, reconstruction, economic development, social issues and government in Afghanistan. The goal of the site is to get beyond on sensational coverage of corruption that does not result in change and regurgitated press releases about development challenges facing Afghanistan. Our site provides practical analysis on development challenges with news the citizens can act on to inform their vote, make better decisions for their families and demand more accountability from their government.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

We are the only media outlet to harness data to inform Afghan citizens on the major challenges facing our society through data without politicizing issues. We access government data, harness data being produced by multi-lateral agencies, collaborate with local think tanks and produce our own databases by mining our own coverage to fill in the gaps about why Afghanistan violence , illness, unemployment and lack of education continue to plague the country. Our national and international audience reference our coverage in developing policy recommendations, explaining critical issues to citizens and investing in the country.

Technologies used for this project:

Our content is targeted at a low data and digital literate audience. Therefore, we combine strong narrative with accessible visualization tools including, Tableau and CartoDB to ensure our entire audience understands and is able to act on our data-driven coverage.
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