El Confidencial Data Team

El Confidencial Data Team

Organisation: El Confidencial (Spain)

Publication Date: 04/05/2017

Size of team/newsroom:large


El Confidencial is the leading digital media in Spain. Its Data Team was founded in 2013 and it's currently composed by three journalists: esús Escudero (FOIA expert and data nerd), Adrián Blanco (data journalist with a code base), Manuel Varela (Data Journalist) and Daniele Grasso (focused on using data for investigative projects and coordinator). For the most important projects, the team counts on the programmers and designers team at the media LAB. El Confidencial Data Team is perfectly integrated in its newsroom. The team pitches its own stories, help the rest of the newsroom finding and analyzing datasets, centralize FOIA requests, creates useful databases for internal use and it's the core of the investigative team. For this reason, the data team played a leading role in the last transnational investigation in which the newspaper was involved, The Panama Papers. This is the list of the team's project that resume this work (in the same order as submitted in the "additional links" section): - House Rents at every Metro station in Madrid - Analyzing 8 million data from public speed limit detectors radars - Which Spanish politician is like you - How rural areas helped the Popular Party winning the general elections - Who are the elector of very Spanish party - The Gentrification process in Madrid - Clothes companies forget about big sizes - The most precarious employers in Spain - Public defendants with interests in private companies - The Spanish city with most deceased because of lounge cancer - Every woman killed by its husband or couple since a woman's anti discrimination law exists - The economic cost of expelling migrants from Spain - The most common age in every block in Spain - La Chistera, fact-checking blog - Git Hub repository with the most important datasets obtained and used by the Data Team - The first story of the Panama Papers in Spain - An interactive repository of all the Spanish name involved in the Panama Papers

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

El Confidencial Data Team has been a game-changer in the Spanish media landscape. It was the first data team ever created in a Spanish media and it's a key piece of the innovative storytelling projects created by the newspaper. Moreover, the team works close to the rest of the newsroom, making other journalists' work with data much easier. The impact of its projects are visible on different sides. Creating new databases from publicly available data, as in the case of the 'Violencia de género' (Violence against woman) or 'Tallas XL' (XL size) projects. The team also creates breaking news stories helping the rest of the newsroom, as during the last general election. Its most efforts in the last year were devoted to help the investigative journalists in the newsroom: the team lead the Panama Papers' investigation and took part in smaller investigative stories like "Precariousness Kings", "The Public defendants 'A Team'" and "Gentrification in Madrid". The team is also in charge of the fact-checking blog of El Confidencial, La Chistera, where it's experimenting with innovative and engaging new formats. Most important, every dataset the team uses for a big story or project, mostly if obtained through a FOIA, is uploaded to a public GitHub and free to download.

Technologies used for this project:

The data team uses Excel, R, SQL on a daily basis for data analysis. For visualizations, the team works with Adobe Illustrator, Datawrapper, QGIS, CartoDB, Javascript and D3.
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