Les Décodeurs

Les Décodeurs

Organisation: Le Monde (France)

Publication Date: 04/07/2017


Size of team/newsroom:large


Les Décodeurs is Le Monde's datajournalism and factchecking section. We are a 12 people team, including 5 datajournalists, 1 developer and a graphic designer. During the past year, we worked on Le Décodex, an interative guide to news website, warning our readers about fake news. We also covered the french election in many datajournalistic ways, from trying to study new political rifts to map the votes on the right and left primaries, or investigating the french MP's employing their relatives. We also worked on using datajournalism in investigation (online prostitution, far right trolls, etc), and worked together with Le Monde's specialized journalists on big stories.

What makes this project innovative? What was its impact?

Our team is a kind of "internal startup" in Le Monde's environnment. We create some tools for the newsroom, on investigation or to make easy graphics, we also provide a workforce on elections results and maps. We tend to work more and more on fake news issues, with our tool Decodex, a database of 600 news websites, and with partnership with Frist Draft coalition or Facebook to debunk hoaxes. Last, we work with a team of french researchers on was to automate factchecking and provide context automatically.

Technologies used for this project:

We use a lot of different languages, javascript, php, Json, and we aslo work closely with Le Monde's developers teams to improve our tools and enhance the newsroom.
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