Organisation: The Ladies Finger (India)

Publication Date: 04/15/2017


AfterRape is a non-linear, interactive resource on what to do after the first 48 hours after rape that will be hosted on The Ladies Finger - an Indian feminist magazine. The project is a cross-media reproduction of one The Ladies Fingers' longform pieces on the same subject by the TLF founder-editor Nisha Susan. For many women there comes that odd, jolting moment when you realize you have structured your life around avoiding being raped. A lot of media and mainstream conversation around rape is focused on the fear mongering of rape. Most women/people do not know what is it that they can or have to do after rape. The piece ( and thusly the project will compile legal, procedural, counselling and experiential information and resources collected by the reporter, the editors and other outfits and present it in an accessible, non-linear narrative format. Right now, we're focusing on the time in the survivor's life which comes immediately after a rape. In the near future, we plan to scale this project to include longterm resources as well as other kinds of gendered abuse/violence as well.

Technologies used for this project:

We are using Twine - an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. We are supplementing the Twine framework with images, HTML, CSS and JavaScript for cosmetics and functionality. Twine resolves an important technology problem for us. Firstly, this is a free platform with a simple and visual tree-based backend. Secondly, it's final output is an HTML file which can be hosted anywhere in the simplest way possible, and can be accessed across platforms and browsers. Editing the back-end is as simple as editing a document, which most journalists/reporters/writers/editors are comfortable with. This helps with the scaling of the project and we can add and remove human resources based on availability at The Ladies Finger.


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