Who Made My Clothes

Who Made My Clothes

Organisation: ifashionTREND media (Taiwan)

Publication Date: 05/13/2017


Whomademyclothes is a website that connects readers with eco-fashion industry. Fashion revolution is a movement that’s turning fashion into a force for good and it comes to the fifth year, however, only few people in Asia country know this event, we want to raise the awareness of the #whomademyclothes movement in a more interactive way. Recently brands start to release their supply-chain data to comply with the ethical fashion, however, majority of people don’t realize the importance of how their clothes were made. That’s a problem. Our audience is millennium generation who love shopping and fashion. Our goal is to make audience feel more involved and express curiosity, find out and do something to be eco-friendly fashion lovers . In a word, we try to turn the slogan of “who make my clothes” to an actionable solution. Whomademyclothes extremely fits into the fashion revolution because it not only leads audience to find out who made their clothes, but it also contains valuable knowledge within. We start from asking audience “ ScanME can help check your closet now ”. it will get audience’s attention to visit our website and use ScanMe APP. How does the ScanMe work? It is simple, audience can just use it whenever they go shopping or at home. By scan the clothes label, you will find out the answer, either a tree sign or a toxic sign. When the skull head sign shown up, it will direct the audience to see the videos of un-ethical mass production or environmental danger. We can collect the supply chain data from non-profit organization since brands start to release their supply-chain lists from this year under the pressure of sustainable fashion trend. Users can also share their sustainable clothes photo to the social media. The benefit of ScanMe is to help users become eco-awareness, think before they buy, stay away from impulse purchases,and to reduce the volume of landfill. In addition, suppliers will be aware of creating a cleaner、safer and fairer fashion industry. Regarding implementation, ScanMe is the first step to voice out the fashion revolution. As a sustainable fashion media, we can also urge more fashion brands in Taiwan/ HongKong/ Singapore to join ethical fashion community and put their stories on the website. In addition, more journalists are invited to join this platform and ultimately Whomademyclothes platform will be a major force for fashion revolution media in Asia.

Technologies used for this project:

We are using Unity to develop an AR game. Tool we used is Vuforia. We will allow users to scan the brand label of their clothes or new clothes in the shop and see how eco-friendly the clothes are.
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