Hyperlocal Disaster Reporting

Hyperlocal Disaster Reporting

Organisation: Fuji television network (Japan)

Publication Date: 05/21/2017


When a disaster happened, many reporters go to the place where disaster occurred. Each reporters have a lot of informations and video about disaster regardless of the damage size. tv broadcast only a small part of information ,their main is the place got huge damages. Victims need a small information, not about beyond100km away. We want to give reporter's informations for them. Because our prototype will deliver the necessary information for them with Location information of reporter and smartphone user.

Technologies used for this project:

◎Hosting ・AWS(EC2, S3) ◎OS/Middleware ・CentOS ・Nginx ・MySQL ・Puma ◎Application ・Ruby ・Ruby on Rails ・Geocoder(https://github.com/alexreisner/geocoder) ・Geolocation API(https://www.w3.org/TR/geolocation-API/) ・HTML ・CSS ・Javascript ◎Other ・Microsoft Cognitive Services API(https://azure.microsoft.com/ja-jp/services/cognitive-services/) ・Robohon(https://robohon.com/global/index.php)


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