Organisation: NewsPicks B (Japan)

Publication Date: 04/22/2018


Pick++ allows users to read news in various perspectives by suggesting related articles and relevant data sources. The news out in the world today is a condensed product of a massive amount of information, and some even say that only 1% of what was actually covered makes it on to an article. News becomes erroneous news to some depending on the way the information is presented and what the preference of receiver is. The world that we want to create is one that allows the user to sort out what is fake news and what is not on their own. Those with a sensitive eye toward information and make news a part of their daily routine are our target. -About Pick++ When a user enters an article URL into the search function, similar articles containing the same terminology are shown. The user then selects and saves the articles and they are then able to compare a certain news topic with multiple articles covering the same story. In addition, users can tag on supplemental information to the saved articles such as news releases that serve as the source of the story. This service allows the user to view a news topic from multiple angles, and lets them decide what is right and what is wrong.

Technologies used for this project:

Python, Flask, requests, beautifulsoup4, Mecab, mecab-ipadic-neologd,html,css


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