+ Directo

+ Directo

Organisation: RTVE (Spain)

Publication Date: 07/10/2014


+ DIRECTO Something is happening now. Do you want to know it? Follow our news and social radar. + Directo is a mobile application to follow breaking news and liveblogging. But is it also thought to be developed in tablets, PCs and TVs. Currently, users read information through different platforms and simultaneously. It is called + Directo (+ Live) because it drives you deep into all the channels available to follow the breaking news (video, live blogging, and social media comments). We have built a tool with journalists and users in mind. The main goal is to prioritize the information (eliminate the noise and give a quick access to the high quality posts to our readers). How? We have developed a news and social radar. What is it? It is a timeline that registers the news and social activity. You just need to have a look to the waves to know the key moments of the event (the highlights), the posts with real value and context to the basic commentary, and fact-checking (information verified). The more waves are, the most important information you will find. How? The criteria are based on: editorial vote of the live blogging’s moderator (the journalist mark with a ticker the post) and users vote (more comments, more ‘likes’ and more ‘shares’). When you click in the red points, you see the ‘premium post’ and. When you click in the waves in the timeline-radar, you go to these posts in the live blogging. There is a synchronization between de timeline-radar and the live blogging. This is the way we propose to eliminate the noise of the live blogging and the less relevant posts. Our goal is to give the essential information to the users in a quick way. The main problem to get involved in a live blogging is the huge amount of information. The readers usually feel overwhelmed and we want to give priority information to them. Apart from that, there will be a shortcut to go to the high quality posts chosen by the moderator (a quick summary) and a shortcut to pictures and video galleries (album). Some readers are more interested in multimedia content than texts. PARTICIPATION: We integrate the premium comments into the live blogging (based on the ‘likes’ and ‘share’) to encourage readers to participate in the event. Design : Whole screen with a news and social radar. We choose this element because we consider that their waves are a good representation of activity, very intuitive for the users. They can know just having a look when there are the highlights, represented by red points, and more social activity, represented by big waves. The timeline has a pointer to scroll synchronized with the live blogging. Implementation : The project planned would be made by three different teams during about 6 working weeks.The design team will work on defining all the application screens (2 weeks).Meanwhile, the development teams (server-side and native platform) will be working on analyzing if the necessary resources have been defined and if the new feeds of information can be created from the existing data sources (1 week).After the definition of the data sources, the implementation will be done by two people of the server side development team in two weeks. The native mobile applications developers team will build the different screens for android and IOS platforms from the proposed design (4 weeks).

Technologies used for this project:

The main objective from the development point of view is to try to get to all the different platforms and devices (mobile, tv, HTML browsers) with a common data source. Each of the devices will display the information in the most usable way depending on their characteristics. In this way, there are two different developments: - Data sources: Data to provide to the final clients (mobile apps, tv, browsers, etc) is going to be based on using HTTP services. - Final clients development: Native: Mobile devices IOS, Android, Windowso; HTML: Browsers, TV Hbbtv. The data-sources that will be used are: - RTVE SOCIAL API (/api-social/): Provides social information of elements. - RTVE CONTENT API (/api/): Provides live blogs, news and multimedia content. - RTVE LIVES service (HTTP service): Provides the set of live streamings related to the live blog. - TWITTER STREAM API: Provides tweets of related twitter hashtags and users. All of them will be merged in order to provide a common interface to all the devices.Besides, there will be periodical processes for finding out what is important and should be highlighted, or when the users are commenting, sharing, etc.
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