Know It All

Know It All

Organisation: The Times (United Kingdom)

Publication Date: 07/21/2014


** This project won the Editors Lab BBC Newshack in Glasgow in 2014 ** The problem : Readers don't know what they don't know about a subject. Publishers want readers to be loyal and to spend long amounts of time with their journalism. The solution Know It All tracks what they have read on a particular topic and makes recommendations on how to improve their 'Knowledge' The Business Case Publishers need deeper relationships with readers - this works whether you are The Times or The Guardian. How it works Know It All can detect mentions of topics in storylines, it then highlights these words and readers can click on them. Know It All will then display the readers knowledge level on the topic and recommended reads to increase their knowledge. There is a Knowledge Bank that shows your knowledge across a range of topics. It also contains your reading history, can make further recommendations and allows you to Brag about your 'Knowledge' We don't credit an article to your knowledge score just because you opened it. We know how long articles are and have an average reading speed base line. You have to spend a minimum amount of time on the article. We wanted to develop this, to weight magazine pieces, comment pieces higher than news pieces (as they are more likely to provide greater context and depth on a topic) but didn't get the time Recommendations Know It All recommends articles based on date published, storyline relevance and potential to increase your knowledge. However it can learn over time and record your average reading speed, your areas of particular interest, what other readers like and take into account that publishers keep publishing on topics.
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