Michael Maclean

Michael Maclean

I am a developer mainly working on Linux with a focus on PHP, MySQL, and associated technologies. I use open source software through choice, as a firm believer in the underlying philosophy as well as due to its wide availability.

I work mostly with PHP, and have used various frameworks and applications including Zeta Components, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter and eZ Publish. In other languages, I have developed native apps for the Android platform using Java, as well as some work with Python and Django.

I am also experienced in system administration, working with Linux-based mail and telephony servers using Postfix, OpenLDAP and Asterisk software.

I am a contributor to the PHP project, and lead developer on extensions providing Cairo and Pango support to PHP. I have contributed a few patches to other areas too. In addition, I have worked on the PHP manual. I have spoken at several conferences about PHP-related topics, and had an article on the topic of the Cairo extension published in php|architect magazine.


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