Flowers of Integration

Flowers of Integration

Organisation: Zeit Online (Germany)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


We would like to give an indication of social integration of migrant communities with their destination country. There are many factors involved in identifying and analysing the levels of integration of migrant populations in a country; including socioeconomic and demographic data. We can achieve this by representing the social connections between facebook users and their friends in terms of a proportion of local and foreign connections to people living in the destination country. Our plan would be to display this data as a field of flowers, each flower indicating a country, and the overlap of each petal showing the level of integration of a specific migrant community. Our main focus is on the story that facebook data can provide, and further data sets can be used to verify or explain any points of interest found in the data. Individual stories could be explored and further data from facebook could be used to provide social context.

Technologies used for this project:

While Facebook’s Graph API does not allow the collection of location and hometown data for users and their friends, we believe that anonymised data can be bought, begged or borrowed from Facebook. It may be that collaborating with the Oxford Internet Institute could help us procure this data for scientific purposes. Data like the following would give us access to a friendship count for migrant communities by country. We would provide a JSON data source with the statistics required to visualise with a JS library like D3.
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