Boston Will Run

Boston Will Run

Organisation: Boston Globe (United States)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014


Boston Will Run is a single-page site that lets users share their progress in training for the 2014 Boston Marathon, and collectively see the progress all participants are making in training for the Boston Marathon. The site is meant to be simple and direct, with just a few key elements shown: Total miles all participants have run, how many the individual has run, and a little graphic indicating who has run that day. It also seeks to replicate the core of the Boston Marathon experience: It is at once an extremely solo activity, but visitors are encouraged to "cheer on" all the participants that day, encouraging both strangers and friends alike. At the end of the day, users are given an email letting them know about encouragements they received, as well as sharing tips, advice, and reflections about the 2014 Marathon.

Technologies used for this project:

The site was built using Ruby on Rails, the Runkeeper API, and using Sass CSS extensions and JQuery for the front end. We tried to keep it as simple and accessible in execution as possible, but would like to unlock small "easter eggs" in the project as progress continues, such as pixel versions of major marathon landmarks along the route, ways for non-runners to be involved, and other suitable tie ins that help build the Boston Marathon spirit but locally and around the world.

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