Nieuws-je (News-You)

Nieuws-je (News-You)

Organisation: de Volkskrant (Netherlands)

Publication Date: 06/02/2014



Nieuws-Je (News-You) is an online platform for interactive, social, fun, visible and accessible news for kids. After taking a good look at news websites for kids, we noticed that they were dull: news is slow, the websites are passive (text and video to click on, but nothing to interact with), the websites are not immersive: nothing that captivates a kid to the news platform, there are little to no filters so kids can choose what kind of news they'll get, the social element goes no further than a forum, which are often not visited by the kids. With Nieuws-je we try to give kids: a world in which the news 'happens', a world where they play their own journalist, and can make their own local news, news that can be shared with friends, and they can chat about with others, news in a language they understand, and a filter for what kind of news they want to read about.

Technologies used for this project:

Nieuws-Je (News-You) will be online, interactive and in-browser. We will build this website using javascript (jquery, ajax). If we have the time, we should be able to have it online in two weeks time. As de Volkskrant we have access to most of the news stream. All that is needed is to select, categorize and change the language of the news. We will assign an intern to do that, this will not be a problem.
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