Karma Chameleon

Karma Chameleon

Organisation: Russmedia (Austria)

Publication Date: 10/30/2014


Karma Chameleon is a free application where you can offer and ask for free help directly in your neighborhood like a marketplace to exchange acts of kindness. You also have the opportunity to ask questions on a discussion board and get advice from other users (who can either answer with their full name or anonymously) and specialists on this topic. Furthermore charitable organizations or other non profits and private people can fill in their events like a blood donation for the Red Cross, country cleaning or a private garage sale. The reward for the user is Karma, shown as Karma-Points - for answering questions, helping others, doing good the users will also get Achievements awarded automatically based on their actions. A Moderator will check on pictures and uploaded tasks.

Technologies used for this project:

Apache MySQL Django angular.js


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