Gay Rights State by State

Gay Rights State by State

Organisation: The Guardian US (United States)

Publication Date: 06/05/2014



Data Driven Storytelling (Large Newsroom) This project aimed to tell the story of gay rights throughout the United States. However, unlike many other similar projects, we wanted the scope to be broader than simply gay marriage. There are myriad rights that aren't granted to gay couples in the US including adoption, hospital visits and others. Through meticulous reporting, we divided these rights into groups, then created a radial visualization that enabled us to show many rights per state simultaneously. The result is a true interactive story. The lede is the main visualization at the top, telling the story of the northeastern states overwhelming support of gay rights, and the absolute dearth of rights throughout the south and midwest. It's then followed, similarly to a written report, by fastidiously checked details that take each broad category more in-depth, allowing readers to home in on their own states.

Technologies used for this project:

The project is HTML/Javascript based. The data is loaded from a Google doc. The primary javascript library used is Raphael.js which has excellent browser support (including early versions of IE). We also use the facebook connect api for social integration into the storytelling.
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