Editors Lab Final 2017 - Vienna

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The Binge is news for binge watchers. It's a storytelling tool for newsrooms based on an idea that complex stories coverage could benefit from the binge watching mechanics introduced by popular...
Country: Poland
TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't read) is a popular internet slang which aptly represents how often the millennials tend to skip reading complex news. Why are young readers, even those who wish to find...
Country: South Korea
Corruption is the biggest problem in Indonesia. Indonesia scored 37 points out of 100 on the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. According Indonesian Corruption...
Country: Indonesia
A key component of what makes reporting long-running and complex news stories difficult is catering to an audience that has varied levels of background knowledge and exposure to the story so far....
Country: Australia
<p>Radar is a tool for the newsroom but also for the reader. It is a back and front journalistic tool to simplify the news curation process for editors and to create understandable news...
Country: Spain
Audiences can easily lose track and interest in long-running and complicated news stories, while many coming to these stories for the first time are overwhelmed. This isn't due to a lack of good...
Country: United Kingdom
To display feeds of single-topic or single-story coverage, many news outlets rely on tag-driven, chronological “hub pages.” These feeds, however, fail to balance breadth, depth, and context. As a...
Country: United States
FB Chat Bot which can interact with you, answer your question about complicate stories.
Country: Hong Kong
A dedicated up-to-speed experience for each person on a large-scale news story.
A web page, an API and a friendly virtual bot, able to create summary-like contents, especially generated for each...
Country: Portugal
Ongoing reportage on a developing story often has little room for providing background and context. News organisations today routinely carry explainers, but they exist as standalones. Our prototype...
Country: India

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