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The reaction is live streaming platform of online reaction sharing.
This platform is on target who wants to enjoy sporting events with others.
Basically, with this platform anyone can share their...
Country: South Korea
Genie. Genie is a voice-oriented assistant in the shape of an Alexa Skill -so it works for the Amazon Echo and the Alexa app on mobile devices-, but that can be also made available for Google Home...
Country: Spain
The Cambridge dictionary defines a spectator as - a person who watches an activity, especially a sports event, without taking part.

So, a reporter covers an event, a football match for example,...
Country: Nigeria
ATHTORIA is a system that can share the history of athletes with audio data. Users can use this service to gather audio data on players and create playlists. By listening to that playlist, you can...
Country: Japan
What is the problem?

Unless you are a die-hard supporter, it is often far too difficult to understand sports reporting. This is because each sport has its own language. The technical words, jargon...
Country: Australia
The game is on - and everyone’s going to be running the live score, right? Everyone is going to be offering blow-by-blow coverage and stats and player profiles and analysis. All that gets pretty...
Country: South Africa
Our project tackles the problem of covering major sporting competitions in cycling - like the Tour de France, La Vuelta (Spain) and Il Giro (Italy). All these events have a sporting format that, by...
Country: Romania
We often comment on our friends social media activity. But do players and other sports people do the same? They certainly do...
Offside is a platform that goes through the social media activity...
Country: Portugal
It's an app that announces Big Game Winners from a different perspective, one the focuses on Team Spirit, Technique, an Entertaining Game.
We will rely on criteria like fouls, good strategies,...
Country: Lebanon
It’s Asian Games fever in Indonesia, as we are going to host it this August. It’s the talk of the town. Many Tempo readers do not know much about sports, but they have a fear of missing out and they...
Country: Indonesia

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