Hackdays Final - Barcelona

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InFlowmation is an app.

It allows us to follow any live event, all along, no matter where we are, or the quality of the

internet connection.

The idea is very simple : users will be able to...
Country: France
Kudzu allows journalists and readers to engage in short, focused discussions through integration of video comments.

Our demo illustrates this through integration with Vine, a mobile platform for...
Country: Germany
How can we give a soul to a robot?

We work for 12 local and regional spanish newspaper in Vocento and, as you, I suppose, we have some problems. Or maybe not problems. Challenges

-We have a...
Country: Spain
How do we help users evaluate which videos are real and which are fake to get the true story? Because users in middle east don’t have the tools or knowledge to evaluate the media content

How do...
Country: Egypt
We often forget that there is a real person or a real problem behind an email or a comment on an article. InYourFace aims to humanize issues and create an emotional response that users can...
Country: South Africa
What is the problem that is solved by your project?
1) REALLY useful archiving of videos for later reuse.
2) You can find quickly THAT special moment inside one video piece.
3) Text mining video...
Country: Argentina
Viewing video can be a passive experience that doesn’t give you much indication when you first open it what exactly is coming up. We have made video interactive by allowing people to easily show how...
Country: United Kingdom
Introducing: Ticker Take, a new kind of interactive poll that lets readers “shoot and share” their own animated stock chart predicting a stock’s outlook and plotting their personal take alongside...
Country: United States
We have a lot of data available on the stock market, but while graphs and heat maps are rather visual; the videos that we put next to them are mostly talking heads.

We want to reverse this logic,...
Country: Belgium
We tried to offer is something innovative, new and useful to users because we think is possibile to give to all the users, on all the kind of devices, the same experience when it comes to video. Key...
Country: Italy

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