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PROBLEM: Why does video still play a supporting role in most news packages when it deserves to be the star?
It's because most news sites are stuck in a rut when it comes to news package display...
Country: United States
Video and text don't work together. A video is plonked at the top of an article, and the copy follows after, creating an awkward user experience where they get the best of neither.

Country: United Kingdom
Mobile app (iOS) that consists short video clips to get users fully informed and also engage them in real reporting.
We put video on the forefront of the news, get video content from the user and...
Country: Poland
PicView allows users to decide between versions of the same video according to how much time they have to watch and enables journalist to create these versions quickly. It marks a completely new way...
Country: United Kingdom
The project addressed 3 main problems with watching news:
- the lowering of journalistic standards and rise of bias and manipulation in times of conflict,
- the need for context and explanations...

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