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We are looking at how news can best be optimized for consumption on mobile devices, breaking them into digestible chunks and integrating video, contextual links to the News Archive, maps and geo, and...
Country: Ireland
This project will develop an interface to assist journalists and interested readers in fact checking statements. To do so, the interface will pull in web pages related to the entities and concepts...
Country: United Kingdom
** This project won the Editors Lab BBC Newshack in Glasgow in 2014 **

The problem : Readers don't know what they don't know about a subject. Publishers want readers to be loyal and to...
Country: United Kingdom
NewsWaves tracks the frequency of tags applied to stories, subjects, people and places and visualises them as interactive timelines.

This allows users and journalists to track how a storyline or...
Country: United Kingdom
Newsical Journeys allows for readers to make connections between people, places or events through related news articles. Based on the ideas of the great Kevin Bacon (The Six Degrees of Separation),...
Country: Ireland

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