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Let's make sense what the 21 500 articles of Yle ("BBC" of Finland) are really all about.
Country: Finland
Newsfeeds have become a powerful tool for journalists that want to publish content as soon as possible.

How can we manage to provide the readers with relevant background information? Our demo...
Country: United Kingdom
Highlight words in text and search for related stories. Search results are aggregated and ranked based on their relevance to the extracted key words from each story.

Our team consists of Jack...
Country: United Kingdom
iRef is a radically different way of consuming news about the Scottish referendum and an application that answers a problem for both journalists and users.

Voters complain they have “too...
Country: United Kingdom
The problem:

“I want to know more about the Scottish independence referendum, but I don’t know where to start. Which news source can I trust? How can I know how reliable their information is?”
Country: United Kingdom
We're building a game.
Working in the category 'Connect the News', the game utilises the API's function of searching for people, and revealing their connections to other...
Country: United Kingdom
Switch seamlessly from the latest news to recent community memes and humorous content related to any news theme/article.
'bifid' is an image based app that brings the current news from the...
Country: United Kingdom
** This project won the Editors Lab BBC Newshack **

You are missing out on news every day and we want to make sure that you don’t.
The Blind Spot will alert you to news that you might otherwise...
Country: United Kingdom

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