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'We do journalism with and for the citizen.'
Country: Spain
You pay, they work. Who are your MEPs? Web and app to encourage interaction with your representatives at the European Parliament. Find out what they do, connect with them, ask them questions. They...
Country: Spain
The goal of Political Cloud is to connect citizens and politicians. It allows the citizens not only to access the news but also to ask direct questions to the politicians. It is also a way to check...
Country: Spain
Electoral Trending is a tool to better understand the real time sentiment of our society related to politics and hot topics. We have build it as responsive site so it can be displayed in multiple...
Country: Spain
On the user side, Mi Elección is aimed to bring election programs close to people in order to make them aware of political options they may not know.
On the newsroom side, we want to crowdsource...
Country: Spain
The objective of the application is show the evolution of the campaign giving value to our content. We help to our user to understand what the importance that gives the political parties to the...
Country: Spain
How recent public works have influenced the last elections ? It's innovative because we cross open data poll by poll. It 's going to be useful to the users because they can find information...
Country: Spain
We have conceptualized an app to firstly engage the audience, secondly follow political campaign and finally allow them to show their agreement or disagreement during political debates or candidate...
Country: Spain

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