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ePolitic.org is a DB with DV data on politicians. We have built a tool to be able to explore the data, and to download it as CSV for media to be able to play with it and build interactive media...
Country: Spain
Our proposal consists in an app to publish multimedia coverages, under a liveblogging concept, with a special implication of our journalists, who conduct the coverage, and of the users who are close...
Country: Spain
Our proposal is a tool with two sides :
1) An app to be used by the newsroom in which the editors can select content from different sources: social media, reporters and audience.
2) A mobile app...
Country: Spain
Odrio.io is an innovative tool to help journalists, activists and bloggers to make better coverage of live blogging & breaking news events through social media. We have defined the process in...
Country: Spain
You don't receive noise, but condensed journalism.

"Welcome to the mining journalism, welcome to Minews.

Minews is a news app specifically designed for mobile phones where user can...
Country: Spain

Something is happening now. Do you want to know it? Follow our news and social radar.

+ Directo is a mobile application to follow breaking news and liveblogging. But is it also...
Country: Spain
DNow is a unique and personalized experience of mobile local news consumption as a key to be involved in the community. Not only to be informed, but also to be engaged.

Editorial aspects: we...
Country: Spain
"- We present a protoype of a mobile application to give coverage to breaking news and live updates. We use its design to rethink also the interface of our live coverage on the web and the way...
Country: Spain
"We offer the users a new way to be informed. Throughout the history, newspapers and media organization have been sharing information to make people stay-up-to-date. We want to change what we...
Country: Spain

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