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The Times have created a comment thermometer which filters comments based on sentiment to give an indication of what Times readers think and feel about a particular issue. It solves the problem...
Country: United Kingdom
Guardian Insights is a tool to allow our community to promote its expertise, experience and eyewitnesses. It allows users to select their "insight" and we use this to prioritise comments...
Country: United Kingdom
As a freely distributed media brand entirely funded by advertising, Metro is always interested in new ways of monetising content without diluting its quality. We like to bring brands and audiences...
Country: United Kingdom
Commenting on our sites is fairly low, whilst commenting on our content is growing on social networks - especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Our project was to refocus our commenting system to think of...
Country: United Kingdom
Setting up a Community Hub on our site, bringing together the conversations on different social media channels into one place and rewarding participation.
Country: United Kingdom
Inline comments are an alternative to the standard 'foot of the article' comment thread, and are intended to address associated problems such as linearity, noise, valuable and relevant...
Country: United Kingdom

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