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MyPolitics is a collaborative filtering system based on the user’s political imprinting. The problem we address: ranking news according to users individual political preferences. The opportunity:...
Country: Italy
l “ring delle idee” è un'applicazione che fa dialogare due cittadini con opinioni opposte su un determinato tema di attualità. L'obiettivo dell'utente è convincere l'altra persona...
Country: Italy
News and quizzes to engage teenagers in politics. We aggregate news from all the italian media, sort it in a ranking based on social diffusion and give teenagers the possibility to vote and change...
Country: Italy
Quanto costa la politica? Quanto spendono le nostre istituzioni? Casta Monitor è un'applicazione web e mobile che permette ai lettori di conoscere e confrontare tutte le voci reali di spesa...
Country: Italy
The app is a fact checking game. Users have to choose if a statement made by a politician is true ("Fatti") or false ("Parole"). The answer is written by a journalist or links to...
Country: Italy
#digischool is an application meant to link italian education politics and policies with data driven information and bottom up evaluation of school digitalisation. #digischool is based on a...
Country: Italy
Pollshake is an improvement of Corriere.it mobile app. The aim is to catch the sentiment of users on politician's statement using Twitter. They can express an opinion with simple keys like /...
Country: Italy

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