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An app to know everything about cinema. You have 4 sections:
- On the spotlight
- Now on Theaters
- How to go to the cinema
- Ratings.
In Egypt, there is no age-rating system for movies. This...
Country: Egypt
First app that routes you to finish your govermental documents in less time .
Be aware what documents to have
Be notified with what documents you should update
Country: Egypt
123 ER is an application designed to help you easily find the medical facility you are looking for.
You can navigate through it and search for your best options based on your location, needed...
Country: Egypt
People with special needs and disabilities are 10% of the Egyptian population, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics statistics.
In 2012, the Administrative...
Country: Egypt
A medical record application for the Egyptian Ministry of health the key features are :
-Availability of health info in case of emergency.
-Access from mobile devices and web browsers.
Country: Egypt
Welad ElBalad is a local media company and as such our products are highly integrated into local communities. El Sandoq clearly reflects this editorial mission as it relates directly to the needs of...
Country: Egypt

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