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The Binge is news for binge watchers. It's a storytelling tool for newsrooms based on an idea that complex stories coverage could benefit from the binge watching mechanics introduced by popular...
Country: Poland
A "complex news story" isn't just complicated to understand. Because it takes months or even years to pan out, the sheer volume of information out there makes the story daunting as...
Country: India
Corruption is the biggest problem in Indonesia. Indonesia scored 37 points out of 100 on the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index reported by Transparency International. According Indonesian Corruption...
Country: Indonesia
A key component of what makes reporting long-running and complex news stories difficult is catering to an audience that has varied levels of background knowledge and exposure to the story so far....
Country: Australia
PM messenger is a bot imitating Prime Minister Abe, which talks to you about political news. It sends daily message to you about whom PM had dinner last night and weekend message about whom PM met...
Country: Japan
TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't read) is a popular internet slang which aptly represents how often the millennials tend to skip reading complex news. Why are young readers, even those who wish to find...
Country: South Korea
<p>Radar is a tool for the newsroom but also for the reader. It is a back and front journalistic tool to simplify the news curation process for editors and to create understandable news...
Country: Spain
The prototype we worked on delivers context-as-a-service. We call this service Focus, because it allows the user to focus on the personal impact of a topic and to keep a long-term focus on the topic...
Country: Austria
Ongoing reportage on a developing story often has little room for providing background and context. News organisations today routinely carry explainers, but they exist as standalones. Our prototype...
Country: India
A dedicated up-to-speed experience for each person on a large-scale news story.
A web page, an API and a friendly virtual bot, able to create summary-like contents, especially generated for each...
Country: Portugal

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