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A dedicated up-to-speed experience for each person on a large-scale news story.
A web page, an API and a friendly virtual bot, able to create summary-like contents, especially generated for each...
Country: Portugal
FB Chat Bot which can interact with you, answer your question about complicate stories.
Country: Hong Kong
To display feeds of single-topic or single-story coverage, many news outlets rely on tag-driven, chronological “hub pages.” These feeds, however, fail to balance breadth, depth, and context. As a...
Country: United States
Audiences can easily lose track and interest in long-running and complicated news stories, while many coming to these stories for the first time are overwhelmed. This isn't due to a lack of good...
Country: United Kingdom
“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light," said...
Country: India
We want to solve this problem: in a period of information overload news are more and more complex and the readers are more and more alienated by traditional media like us (La Stampa). They prefer...
Country: Italy
YBother? is a website that simplifies and personalizes the important facts of complex news issues by illustrating it using relatable personal information from one's Facebook account. This is a...
Country: Philippines
The problem with casual sexism is it often justifies very bad conduct by men in a patriarchal society. For instance, when misogynist and sexist jokes are normalised, and even justified by people...
Country: India
This is a tool aim to help viewers catch the points of long videos more effectively by adding comments on video timeline. User can switch to the certain point with a click of dots on timeline....
Country: Taiwan
1. Overview: A service that shows at a glance which topics are mentioned in the community about candidates

2. Purpose: We focused on showing what issues are mentioned about candidates in the...
Country: South Korea

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