Editors Lab - Season 16-17

- selected projects

Target: Generation Z audience
Editorial focus: Storytelling
Extras: Distribution

'The Watcher' is a tool to monitor and rank how public figures, especially politicians, behave in the...
Country: Spain
Our main problem is the spread of false and incorrect information during and in the hours right after of an environmental disaster, namely an earthquake in Italy.

To solve that problem we worked...
Country: Italy
While there is so much focus by sports journalism on what sports stars have to say, a lot of the time the interviews they give are full of clichés and the same old generic ‘sportspeak’ statements...
Country: United Kingdom
Facebook admins routinely delete comments on their page, if they don't meet their standards. Or to silence critical voices. Facebook Monitor makes visible, which comments are unpublished. Our...
Country: Austria
"Tenho Dito" is a real time check statements tool directed to journalists. It allows the identification and comparison of political statements about a particular subject by the same...
Country: Portugal
"Under Pressure" is a simulation training website for new journalists, which will test their reportage and decision-making skills in the face of a crisis situation.

The website will...
Country: Philippines
Providing the simplest way to survive at disaster. Most of the victims of disaster were killed within an hour after the disaster. Our app "DisasterPicks" is a media tool that change the...
Country: Japan
Our VR contents "TenDenKo" allows people to recognize how to escape to the proper place especially in urban area. Audience can have an virtual experience in emergency by VR. User can...
Country: Japan
We made "disaster coverage network" which is emergency network system for newsroom. Using this system, newsroom can overlook information of disaster area and use it for efficiently disaster...
Country: Japan
When a disaster happened, many reporters go to the place where
disaster occurred.

Each reporters have a lot of informations and video about disaster
regardless of the damage size.

Country: Japan

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