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Current accountability mindset rarely reaches positive results with Authorities. Lebanese activists had tried different strategies. So in our project which is an Application, we decided to change the...
Country: Lebanon
Plugin can show audio and text data around target dialog in news articles.
Country: Japan
The Trueet (true + tweet) tool has basically two functions: use collaborative work, through people worried about fake news in their timelines on Twitter, to spread true information about that fact,...
Country: Brazil
Our project addresses a key issue to public accountability in Romania – that of the financial link between state and religious institutions. We want to visualize the flux of public money going out of...
Country: Romania
LeaderMatch is a responsive website that enables millennials to find which political candidates is best matched to their beliefs, interests and political leanings in a fun way. We design a user...
Country: Indonesia
Journalists are in the business of communication, but it has become far too difficult for people to communicate with us.
Newsroom Hotline is a voice-to-text story tip off service...
Country: Australia
Our project is aimed at newsroom's editors and focuses on two premises:

- How to access and report accurate information in moments of crisis.
- How to debunk misinformation almost in real...
Country: Spain
The reaction is live streaming platform of online reaction sharing.
This platform is on target who wants to enjoy sporting events with others.
Basically, with this platform anyone can share their...
Country: South Korea
Genie. Genie is a voice-oriented assistant in the shape of an Alexa Skill -so it works for the Amazon Echo and the Alexa app on mobile devices-, but that can be also made available for Google Home...
Country: Spain
The Cambridge dictionary defines a spectator as - a person who watches an activity, especially a sports event, without taking part.

So, a reporter covers an event, a football match for example,...
Country: Nigeria

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