Editors Lab - Season 13-14

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Verifi is an application that geotags uploaded information by registered users on location and interfaces with a website.
An application that auto-verifies the accuracy of data within a short time...
Country: Nigeria
NewsBeam is a simple app or add-on to ‘redesign the news and deepen the context of current issues’. NewsBeam provides users with a customizable news timeline and allows personalised notifications for...
Country: Poland
** This project won the Editors Lab BBC Newshack in Glasgow in 2014 **

The problem : Readers don't know what they don't know about a subject. Publishers want readers to be loyal and to...
Country: United Kingdom
Our proposal consists in an app to publish multimedia coverages, under a liveblogging concept, with a special implication of our journalists, who conduct the coverage, and of the users who are close...
Country: Spain
We're telling the story of how news sites themselves are violating our privacy by engaging in excessive user tracking.

Whether tabloid, long-form or focussed on wildlife: most online news is...
Country: Germany
** This project won the Editors Lab BBC Newshack **

You are missing out on news every day and we want to make sure that you don’t.
The Blind Spot will alert you to news that you might otherwise...
Country: United Kingdom
We have data and reporting. As a newsroom we make decisions on how to present it, but we want to let our readers talk to us about what they want so they have curation control, contact and interaction...
Country: United States
Video and text don't work together. A video is plonked at the top of an article, and the copy follows after, creating an awkward user experience where they get the best of neither.

Country: United Kingdom
Electoral Trending is a tool to better understand the real time sentiment of our society related to politics and hot topics. We have build it as responsive site so it can be displayed in multiple...
Country: Spain
The MarketWatch team has created a new story experience, zooming in on the moment when news breaks on a stock. TickerLines tell the reader what's happening right now, and use stock charting to...
Country: United States

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