DJA 2013

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Data Driven Investigation (Small Newsroom)

Following reports from a Kent newspaper that children placed in care in the county had been sent to Wales for placements, this project was an attempt to...
Country: United Kingdom
Data Driven Storytelling (Large Newsroom)

This project aimed to tell the story of gay rights throughout the United States. However, unlike many other similar projects, we wanted the scope to be...
Country: United States
Data Driven Investigation (Large Newsroom)

After finding out that Senate have published expenses since 2004 in raw PDFs, some of them as images and completely unstructured, LA NACION data team...
Country: Argentina
Data Journalism Website or Section

Connected China is a Reuters News site that tracks and visualizes the people, organizations and relationships that form China’s elite power structure. Launched...
Country: Hong Kong
Data Driven Apps (Large Newsroom)

The BBC wanted to explore the modern British class system, as traditional social divisions of upper, middle and working class no longer reflect current...
Country: United Kingdom
Data Driven Apps (Small Newsroom)

This project aims to investigate the wage gap between men and women in french companies. We explored all types of companies, age groups, and regions available....
Country: France
Data Driven Storytelling (Small Newsroom)

The Art Market for Doomies is a explainer. Everyone knows Picasso or Warhol, but few people know how the art market works. I wanted this explainer be...
Country: France
Italy has many troubles, but prouds itself for having the world’s second best health system according to WHO estimates. This is surely true for access to care, but is it the same for quality and...
Country: Italy
In Dividing Lines, The New York World investigated the redrawing of the state’s Senate and Assembly districts by the very legislative leaders who were scheduled to run for reelection in the...
Country: United States
Today’s young adults face serious challenges in the form of high and rising tuition fees, a tough job market and high housing prices. But are they worse off than previous generations? Much has been...
Country: Canada

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