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„traces – we revive history“ is an author and user driven platform to give austrian nazi victims between 1938 and 1945 a face. we visualise the 76.000 addresses geographically. the user starts with...
Country: Austria
Category 9: General Excellence (Jurors' Choice)

A six-month, two-part investigation by Al Jazeera America found that millions of voters, disproportionately minority, could have their names...
Country: United States
Category 1: Data Visualisation of the Year (Small Newsroom)

People's Republic of Bolzano is a visual journalism project that opens a public debate among the local community of Bolzano (a...
Country: Italy
A new version of ETECSA's well-known database was recently launched in Cuba. It is a kind of informal telephone directory that contains the numbers of landlines, common in these publications,...
Country: Cuba
The underwater cave system of Plura in Norway is a well-known cave diving site.

With depths down to 130 meters (426 feet) through a 2 kilometer (1.2 mile) long and narrow passage, and water...
Country: Norway
News data app of the year (small newsroom, large newsroom).

Our project was designed to drive up public participation in sport. To do this we used the buzz around Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games as a...
Country: United Kingdom
Each weekday, dozens of U.S. government aircraft take to the skies and slowly circle over American cities. Piloted by agents of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the planes are...
Country: United States
Open data award.

After the tragic mining accident that occurred in Soma, Turkey, it proved
extremely difficult to document the working conditions of employees. There
were discrepancies with the...
Country: Turkey
Best individual portfolio.

The Wall Street Journal is proud to nominate Rob Barry, whose data analysis and traditional reporting underpinned an astonishing body of work from April, 2014, to April...
Country: United States
An unlikely candidate for data visualization, “The Rhymes Behind Hamilton” uses an algorithm to analyze the complex rhyming structure and inspiration behind the Broadway hit, “Hamilton: The Musical...
Country: United States

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