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Country: United States
123 ER is an application designed to help you easily find the medical facility you are looking for. You can navigate through it and search for your best options based on your location, needed...
Country: Egypt
144 Stories is a six month long project undertaken in 2015 around the massacre of 144 children and teachers at the Army Public School, Peshawar. A team of producers and reporters visited 144 families...
Country: Pakistan
2014 marks 30 years since the first documented case of HIV in Kenya. This occasion inspired Internews in Kenya to create 30 Years of HIV, an interactive digital project that explores the media...
Country: Kenya
The project aims to address the problem of low awareness and ineffective involvement in public discussions and councils, administrative and political events. The proposed solution consists of an...
Country: Romania
Visualizing terror attacks across Europe since the 1970s. By Chris Alcantara.
Country: United States
523 is a dashboard aimed at journalists that puts fires in each portuguese municipality into context. It offers historical data on fires, forrest management, meteorology and demography. As well as...
Country: Portugal
March 25th, 2017 marked the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome creating the European Economic Community. This anniversary is the occasion for taking stock in the state of health...
Country: Italy
This was my first internship as a cultural journalist. And it was great! RoosterGNN is a global news network which promotes young journalists and freedom of expression. That was really important for...
Country: Spain
How the Army denies veterans justice without anyone knowing An obscure Army panel is supposed to correct errors or remove injustices. Many believe it’s rigged.
Country: United States

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