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Category 7: Open Data Award This past year collection, logging and monitoring of personal data has drawn headlines all over the world. The Snowden-revelations have exhibited how systematic the...
Country: Denmark
Police face scrutiny over how often they stop people of colour. To find evidence of this, I asked Waterloo Regional Police to provide 10 years of electronic records on street checks, an intelligence-...
Country: Canada
Category: News data app of the year 101 Tours de France is a data-driven web application about the famous cycling competition. 4 different datavisualizations give a holistic and comprehensive...
Country: France
The two-part Right to Information (RTI) based investigation reveals how the Indian government is in denial about 14,474 people being infected with HIV through blood transfusion – including innocent...
Country: India
Freedom of expression has been one of the main victims of the war in Colombia. With the help of the National Historical Memory Center, SEMANA collected each one of the cases committed from 1977 to...
Country: Colombia
One of the main sport events in the world, the Tour de France (cycling) was created in 1903. We realized that, surprisingly, there were no database of every stage-cities (villes-étapes) : where has...
Country: France
A data tool that allows you to search for your town and city and find out information based on the famous 1939 Register.
Country: United Kingdom
On 18 September 2016, Berliners voted for their state parliament. The interactive map shows the results of voting in each of Berlin’s 1,779 polling stations. The areas covered by the polling stations...
Country: Germany
Visualisations and insights on commuting behaviour in Germany.
Country: Germany
Skirmishes in the South China Sea lead to full-scale naval confrontation. Israel bombs Iran, setting off an escalation of violence across the Middle East. Nigeria crumbles as oil prices fall and...
Country: United States

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