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Sports App that helps the football fans to engage and judge referee's judgment on a critical decision at the same time it gives the fans a live feeds on the games in play, lineups, and the main...
Country: Lebanon
Who are the 60 women accusing Bill Cosby and what trends we can find in the accusations.
Country: United States
This was my first internship as a cultural journalist. And it was great! RoosterGNN is a global news network which promotes young journalists and freedom of expression. That was really important for...
Country: Spain
The risks due to disasters and climate change ought to be communicated properly to decision-makers and the public in the Philippines. And one of the best ways of communicating risk is through maps....
Country: United Kingdom
A praça é um ponto de encontro onde todos se falam, e tudo se sabe. Com a emigração as pessoas abandonaram as suas aldeias mas com a saudade e a esperança de um dia voltar. De forma a diminuir essa...
Country: Portugal
A series of highly researched articles on poverty and homelessness infused with my first-hand experience and knowledge of the issues and offering data-based solutions.
Country: United States
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Country: Indonesia
Africiné est le plus grand site web au nom uniquement dédié aux Cinémas africains & Diasporas, avec 375 critiques de cinémas présents dans 38 pays, publiant en anglais, français, portugais et...
Country: Senegal
This is a web-based visual study of the air quality data of Salt Lake City published by the EPA from 1980 to 2014. The purpose is to visually examine the air quality of Salt Lake City, and perhaps...
Country: United States
Through a visual narrative of a living caricature, the lies or truths of a politician determines what happens to his image. Showing what he promises, and the news where it's proven what really...

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