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Fusion commissioned artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, 29, to travel to Mexico City and create an installation of her highly-acclaimed art project protesting street harassment, “Stop Telling Women to Smile...
Country: United States
This project analysed over 236,200 ambulance call outs attended by the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) during 2012 and 2013 and uncovered 34 incidents where patients whose lives were at...
Country: United Kingdom
Best individual portfolio. In the past year the BBC News Visual Journalism team has dedicated extra resources to data journalism projects. In May we created a small data unit of three journalists...
Country: United Kingdom
It’s Asian Games fever in Indonesia, as we are going to host it this August. It’s the talk of the town. Many Tempo readers do not know much about sports, but they have a fear of missing out and they...
Country: Indonesia
During more than half a century of hostilities, several generations of Colombians lived under the fear of violence. Thousands of deaths and displaced people witnessed the failure of previous attempts...
Country: Colombia
-Videochecker is a widget developed for inserted in videonews. -While the reader visualizes the video of a politician's speech (or interviews, press conference, hall...
Country: Spain
PROBLEM: Why does video still play a supporting role in most news packages when it deserves to be the star? It's because most news sites are stuck in a rut when it comes to news package display...
Country: United States
Applicant: seyun parklee, Dongkwan Kim, Taehyeon Kim <br/> The media is full of bias and faked news. The truth is hidden, yet reachable. For this presidential election, we suggest a real...
Country: South Korea
SenStopEbola est une initiative du Réseau des Blogeurs du Sénégal créée au lendemain de l'annonce du 1er cas importé d'Ebola au Sénégal, le 26 Août 2014. Ces volontaires ont mis en place...
Country: Senegal
Category 7: Open Data Award This past year collection, logging and monitoring of personal data has drawn headlines all over the world. The Snowden-revelations have exhibited how systematic the...
Country: Denmark

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