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The rivalry has been extended for time immemorial: the Navarres accuse their Basques neighbours from stealing their delicious mushrooms. Supposedly, revenge arrives with the summer, when Navarres...
Country: Spain
Facts People with special needs and disabilities are 10% of the Egyptian population, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics statistics. In 2012, the Administrative...
Country: Egypt
#99 ideas+ is a user engagement platform. Ideas are everywhere, but we want to bring them to life. Our starting point was the successfull croudsourcing initiative „99 ideas for a better Austria“ (99...
Country: Austria
Summer arrived in a year during which there was a boom of selfies and smartphones in the country, and I was struck by the idea of discovering which of Salvador's landmarks was most photographed...
Country: Brazil
News storytelling app built at Global Editors Networks Editors Lab Gazeta Wyborcza Hackdays.
Country: Poland
The haze in Singapore reached very unhealthy levels for the better part of a month over September and October 2015. The last time it reached these levels was in June 2013. The Straits Times looked...
Country: Singapore
Category 7: Open Data Award This past year collection, logging and monitoring of personal data has drawn headlines all over the world. The Snowden-revelations have exhibited how systematic the...
Country: Denmark
My article for Vice News, 'A Form of Permanent Wage Theft': When the Soaring Price of College Isn’t Worth It’, started with a simple question – when is college a terrible investment? To...
Country: United States
In a time of terrorism, a sharp focus has been placed on the American Muslim. There are about 3 million Muslims living in the United States -- approximately one percent of the country's...
Country: United States
The First World War killed about 500 soldiers from Waterloo Region. I built a database of all local war dead to roll out occasional stories about who they were and how they died, a century ago. This...
Country: Canada

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