Our project is aimed at newsroom's editors and focuses on two premises:

- How to access and report accurate information in moments of crisis.
- How to debunk misinformation almost in real...
Country: Spain
Problem: most of disaster reports aren’t for disaster victim. Reporters tell what happened in disaster area to people outside. For example, how many houses collapsed, or how people live in shelter,...
Country: Japan
The video is becoming more popular for news story telling and we are transform from video to 360/VR video. There are some problems when we use video now:
1. It’s hard to put extra information into...
Country: Hong Kong
The costs of enterprise journalism create powerful incentives to put up paywalls around "premium content.” Yet these stories are the ones most likely to drive engagement and foster meaningful...
Country: United States
This is a prototype of a progressive web app where you can log your health symptoms while keeping an eye on an AQI monitor. The AQI monitor is updated real-time on the hour, sourcing data for 33...
Country: India
The problem with casual sexism is it often justifies very bad conduct by men in a patriarchal society. For instance, when misogynist and sexist jokes are normalised, and even justified by people...
Country: India
Accindent is number two that cause dead life in Indonesia. We identify area that often traffic accident happend based on media publication. This information system will inform public by indicator...
Country: Indonesia
The millennials often skip the politics section of the news. Why are young readers, even those who wish to find out more about actual politics, profoundly discouraged to read political news? The...
Country: South Korea
FollowON is notifications on steroids grown on episodic nature of news.

We created a tool that enables readers to keep track of news story in all of its stages and never lose a bigger picture....
Country: Poland
In India, business, economic and financial news is highly skewed towards males and newsrooms are doing very little to attract the female reader. This worsens the already severe problem of female...
Country: India

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