Indonesia suffered one of the worst forest fires in the world, last year. Almost 2,1 million hectares of forest land mostly in Borneo, Sumatera and West Papua, burned to the ground, spreading haze...
Country: Indonesia
What if we can search all of the most important news topics of the day and watch it in a 1 minute video? <br><br>

Today, there are too many information out there. Each digital media...
Country: Indonesia
Air pollution kills 7 million people each year. It is the largest, most important environmental health risk in the world, according to Nature journal. Year by year, 5 million Romanians are diagnosed...
Country: Romania
Beef enables readers to interact with an online news story and highlight the most powerful content.

Everyone don't have time or motivation to write comments. We still want this group of...
Country: Finland
Powerful stories move people, and there’s no stronger evidence of this than the shareable web. Viral hashtags launch IRL movements. Home footage shapes the national digital conversation.

Country: United States
Explore Tunisia is a software program designed to assist anyone visiting the country. It is a clever application that gives a concise account of Tunisia's history, culture and traditions. It has...
Country: Tunisia
Hawkeye is a map-based live streaming tool for:
journalists who value timeliness in breaking news reporting
editors who want to build an eye-catching multi-media webpage on a location-based story...
Country: China
When it comes to the "refugee crisis", many people feel scared by the sheer magnitude of the numbers that are discussed in the public debate. With "Vis a Vis" we tried to set...
Country: Austria
We made a web page that will show you how much costs a refugee in Slovakia. First we will show you how you would survive and live with the pocket money a refugee gets from the government. How long...
Country: Slovakia

'How do Spanish people eat?' It is data-project that explores the way we eat and what foods are more common in our diet to obtain journalistics conclusions. It also makes...
Country: Spain

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